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Alumina & Zirconia Crucibles

Specialist refractory products company Magna Industrials Ltd has been supplying the investment casting, precious metal producers, the furnace industry and other related markets since its formation in 1976.

Magna manufactures crucibles, transfer ladles and fired refractory shapes by the vibro-cast and isostatic pressing processes. Round and flat bottomed crucibles are made from 1 to 850 kg capacity, transfer ladles from 10 to 200 kg capacity and refractory shapes to exact specifications in extremely complex designs. Other products include refractory mixes, cements, minerals and raw materials for metal casting related industries.

Operating within the procedures of ISO 9001 : 2015, the Company offers a comprehensive range of fired products in a variety of materials which include Alumina, Chrome Alumina, Magnesia Stabilised Zirconia, Lime Stabilised Zirconia, Magnesia, Mullite, Zircon.